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The Field 1908. Chess Column edited by Leopold Hoffer (1908)

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The Field 1908. Chess Column edited by Leopold Hoffer
Leopold Hoffer


The country gentleman's newspaper' was published weekly in London from on 1853. Publishing House Moravian chess under leadership of the chess historian Vlastimil Fiala is compiling these weekly chess columns from Leopold Hoffer in book form. This hard cover issue from 456 pages hold all columns from January 4,1905 till December 26,1908. Every week there was a chess problem or game position to solve, and usually three or more fully annotated games. There are games of Lodz Tournament 1907, complete Marshall - Janowsky Match, USA-UK Cable Match, 39 games of Vienna International Tournament, 41 games of Prague International tournament, 17 games of BCF championship at Tunbridge Wells, all games of the World Championship Match between Lasker and Tarrasch, and all games of the Marshall vs. Mises match and Marshall vs. Gregory Match and more interesting games of (ch) City London Chess Club, Warsaw Tournament, consultation games, etc. Total of 203 annotated games by L. Hoffer. Many chess notes and informations, comments, tournament and match records, crosstables, etc.. Many times better than usual chess magazines of this time. For real Lovers of chess history
Olomouc 2014, 456 pages. ISBN 978-80-7189-648-7

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