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Lasker's Chess Magazine, November 1904 to April 1905 (Volume 1, 1904-1905)

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Lasker's Chess Magazine, November 1904 to April 1905
The First of nine half-yearly volumes of Emanuel Lasker's monthly magazine, which ran from November 1904 to January 1909, is the lates in the series of highly collectable fascimile reprints from Moravian Chess. Besides being World Champion, the multifaceted Lasker was also engaged om his noted mathematical and philosophical researches, and editing his own magazine allowed him to keep in touch with the chess world without having to stray too far from his study. He had obviously taken heed of Steinity's mixed experiences more than a decade previously as editor of his own International Chess Magazine and ensured both that the content was highly accessible (each issue carried his beginner's guide, A Course of Instruction in Ye Ancient Game of Chesse), and that the magazine was adequately financed (Professor Rice had a hand in this). Hannak, in his Lasker biography, commented, It didn't just contain the usual collection of games and problems, coupled with a few news items, it went much deeper, revealing more of the meaning and background of chess than any previous chess editor had attepmpted. Indeed, in an early editorial Lasker rails zealously against the contemporary chess periodicals. marriages and deaths style of reporting, complaining that not even a ray of wit or of humour penetrates the sombre pages. Celebrated problemist Sam Loyd contributed a monthly column, and Lasker's own Game Department annotations were penetrating, not just in their analysis of moves played, but also the style and characteristics of different masters. perhaps with a backward glance at his own impecunious youth and struggle for formal education, there is a piece on the 16-year old Capablanca (at this time a precocious New Jersey schoolboy) which ends: The principal of Woodyclif School has advised the youthful player to ferogo chess until his studies are concluded. Of all the recently reprinted vintage magazines, Lasker's is without doubt difficult to match - both in its fresh approach and in terms of quality of the writing. 292pp (EUR 29,00)

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