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International Chess Magazine, Vol. V: 1889, 388pp (EUR 29.00) (Volume V.)

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International Chess Magazine, Vol. V: 1889, 388pp (EUR 29.00)
"For his second world title defence Steinitz beats Mikhail Chigorin 101-61 in Havana and afterwards cracks self-deprecatingly, ""The young master of the old school sacrificed pawns and pieces, the old master of the young school did more, for he sacrificed a whole number of games for what he considers to be a sound principle."" Amazingly, editorial work goes on for Steinitz throughout the match and his Personal and General editorials are master-classes in the art of the intelligent insult, replete with wacky nicknames for his enemies such as ""Dreckseele"" and ""Gumpelino"". Along with annotations to this match are many from the Sixth American Congress in New York (a typical marathon of the day), won jointly by Chigorin ad Max Weiss on 29/38 (they also drew four games of a play-off match). As with previous years, the Bohemian Caesar's splendid, erudite journal is a real treat, and chronicles the rise of British resident Isidor Gunsberg (soon to play matches with Chigorin and Steinitz himself), as well as the emergence of a certain new star, Emanuel Lasker, and his flashy double bishop sacrifice (v. Bauer at Amsterdam). (Reviewed by BCM)"

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