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Quarterly for Chess History Volume 6, Number 23 (23/2021)

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Quarterly for Chess History Volume 6, Number 23
Vlastimil Fiala ed.

Hard cover

572 pp, 403 games, HC. Content: Chess Archive: Bogoljubov: Denazification Updated by Prof. Bernd-Peter Lange; Chess Biographies: The Early Chess Career of F. D. Yates (Part Five: Summer 1910) by Vlastimil Fiala; Forgotten Chess Tournaments: Tournament Research 1923-24 by Tony Gillam
Classical Chess Matches: H. Staunton vs. D. Harrwitz Duels (1846 and 1853) by Vlastimil Fiala; Great Chess Players: L. C. M. De La Bourdonnais; Howard Staunton; Paul Morphy; Wilhelm Steinitz; Emanuel Lasker; Jose Raul Capablanca; Alexander Alekhine; Max Euwe Compiled by Vlastimil Fiala; Correspondence Chess: Ireland vs. Yorkshire Correspondence Chess Match, 1908-1909 by Vlastimil Fiala; Women’s Chess: Louisa Matilda Ballard Fagan: Part Seven: 1905 by Vlastimil Fiala; Women´ Chess Notes (Compiled by Vlastimil Fiala); Chess Miscellany: Numbers 526-550 (Compiled by Vlastimil Fiala); Chess Research: Crosstables of Czech Chess Tournaments, 1911 by Vlastimil Fiala; Chess Problems: Zadachy y Etyudy (1927-1930) by Alain Pallier; Chess Reviews: Renette, Hans (2019. Louis Paulsen. A Chess Biography; Harding, Tim (2020). Steinitz in London. A Chess Biography. Reviewed by Vlastimil Fiala

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