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Jose Raul Capablanca: Third World Chess Champion, 1910 (Chess History)

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Jose Raul Capablanca: Third World Chess Champion, 1910
Vlastimil Fiala

Laminated softcover

An exhaustive biography of J. R. Capablanca covering all his chess activities in 1910. The book is divided into 10 chapters, covering his starts in the NYSCA championship tournaments in February 1910, the Capablanca v. Jaffe match, the analytical Capablanca v. Marshall match, and more than 50 pages are devoted to the Capablanca´s Third Chess tour of the USA (autumn and winter 1910). In addition, the readers will learn many other interesting facts from the life of J. R. Capablanca, why he did not compete in the international tournament in Hamburg, what kind of baseball player he was, what kind of chess commentator he was, what kind of team matches he played in, what kind of simultaneous exhibitions he realized in the first half of 1910. The book contains a total of 76 games, mostly annotated, including more than 30 games of Capablanca and more than 40 games from various competitions and matches in which Capablanca actively participated. The author has compiled all available chess sources and daily newspapers. The book contains many high-quality reproductions and the usual indexes. The book is printed with the most modern laser technology, has 280 pages, Softcover.

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