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American Chess Magazine 1898/99 (Volume 2: 1898-1899)

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American Chess Magazine 1898/99

There is a reprint of the second of this short-lived but accomplished New York predecessor of the American Chess Bulletin. Assiduous in its reporting of the American chess scene, its clubs and personalities, it counted among its collaborators leading U.S. players Showalter, Hodges and Shipley. Although very much in the traditional style of the day, there are a few lighter moments: an imaginary tale tells of a new rule barring chess players' entry at the pearly gates. Mr. Jakelson is furious to see his friend, Mr. Ohpee, admitted. St. Peter replies, He's no chess player - he only thinks he's one. The ACM flickered brightly in its all - too - short existence, and has been a treasured historical rarity since. 534pp.

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