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Cologne 1898. 11th German Chess Association Congress (1997)

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Cologne 1898. 11th German Chess Association Congress
Fiala, Vlastimil


A diligently researched and highly readable account of a tournament never properly documented in chess literature, even though in included Chigorin, Charousek, Steinitz and SchlechterThere has been ongoing controversy over the lack of a tournament book and here Czech historian Vlastimil Fiala quoates widely in search of the reason. This is an attractive production, an includes 15 photo portraits, lengthy biographies of the participants, and all known games from the tournament, many annotated. (Reviewed by BCM, 1987, p.486-487). 264p.

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Company: PhDr. Vlastimil Fiala, CSc.
CRN: 22999698
Adress: Gorkého 94/31, Olomouc 779 00, CZ
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