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Fourth Brooklyn Chess Club Tournament, Brooklyn 1870 (Chess History)

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Fourth Brooklyn Chess Club Tournament, Brooklyn 1870
Vlastimil Fiala

Laminated softcover

"Fourth Brooklyn Chess Club Tournament, 15 January - 28 March 1870", which became the prey of the unforgettable American chess champion G. H. Mackenzie. In a tournament where nearly 30 players competed, more than 600-700 games were most likely played (the tournament was played in a two-round, each-player system). In addition to GHM, the tournament featured other great 19th-century New York chess players such as F. Perrin, J. Mason, E. Delmar, F. E. Brenzinger, Ch. A. Gilberg, etc.
The author has managed to collect a total of 37 mostly annotated games from various chess patrols and magazines published at the time (New York Albion, The Turf, Field, and Farm. The Spirit of the Tims, The Sunday Mercury, New York Sun, New York Tribune, New York Herald, New York Clipper, Daily Evening Bulletin, etc.).
The booklet is 80 pages long and includes a week-by-week description of the tournament and then a game section. The booklet contains 17 colour and black-and-white photographs of the players, player indexes, and the opening. An absolutely exhaustive booklet, it is intended for true chess history buffs.

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