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Quarterly for Chess History Volume 6, No. 24 (24/2023)

Quarterly for Chess History
Quarterly for Chess History Volume 6, No. 24
Fiala, Vlastimil et all


Content: Frazk Kafka and Chess (V. Fiala), A Biography of Albert W. Fox (J. S. Hilbert), The Strange destiny of Inspector Dermenon (D. Thimognier), Qualification to the Interzonal in Stockholm-Saltsjöbaden 1948 (H. Lindberg), Howard Staunton vs. Edward Löwe, 1847 (V. Fiala), Great Players, The first Spanish Correspondence Chess Tournament in 1888 (C. M. Sanchez and E. Ruch), L. M. B. Fagan, 1906 (v. Fiala), Women´s Chess and Notes, Chess Miscellany, Chess Research, Semion Semionovich Levman (A. Pallier), Chess Reviews, 551 pp., 247 games, many coloured and black and white pictures, High quality laser print.

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Company: PhDr. Vlastimil Fiala, CSc.
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