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The Chess Monthly, Vol. IV, September 1882 - August 1883 (Vol. 4, 1882-1883))

Chess magazines >> Chess monthly (ed. by Zukertort & Hoffer)
The Chess Monthly, Vol. IV, September 1882 - August 1883
Edited by Hoffer & Zukrtort


The September 1882 issue informed visitors to Hastings that they would find the newly-established Chess Club at the Seaside Hotel on Friday afternoons. There is further wrangling between Steinitz and both Zukertort and Mason over proposed matches. The year starts with reflections of the great Vienna tournament of 1882 and year ends with Zukertort's win in the London tournament of 1883 (Reviewed by BCM). 382 pages, (EUR 29.00)

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