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The Chess Monthly, Vol. III, September 1881 - August 1882 (Vol. 3, 1881-1882)

Chess magazines >> Chess monthly (ed. by Zukertort & Hoffer)
The Chess Monthly, Vol. III, September 1881 - August 1882
Edited by Hoffer & Zukrtort


The third volume kicks off with some wonderful bickering. Editor Leopold Hoffer lambasts the chess editor of the Illustrated London News (who, though unnamed here, was PT Duffy). Answering a reader's query about English chess periodicals, Duffy responded: "There is only one English chess monthly we know of - the British Chess Magazine." The ILN is then reported as compounding the felony by claiming to "know nothing of Mr Hoffer", going on to be very rude about The Chess Monthly. Though named in dispatches, the BCM seems to emerge unscathed from the cross-fire. Thereafter Hoffer and Zukertort were embroiled in a much more protracted antagonism with the editopr of the Field, Wilhelm Steinitz, who took exception to criticism of his annotations of a match between Zukertort and Blackburne. The backbiting and provocation, always expressed in the most grandiloquent tones, continue in every issue to the end of the year. Wonderful stuff - but thank heavens modern-day chess editors are not obliged to behave like this. (Reviewed by BCM). 382 pages, (EUR 29.00)

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