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American Chess Bulletin 1915 (Volume 12: 1915)

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American Chess Bulletin 1915
H. Helms


Against the backdrop of the conflict in Europe (the United States still, at this time, being neutral American chess life goes on much as before, but the international reports are necessarily curtailed. However, there are reports on the New York Masters' tournament (won by Capablanca ahead of Marshall), games by Alekhine following his escape from Germany and a tribute to the late Professor Rice (chess benefactor and inventor of the Rice Gambit). Another variation of the King's Gambit also features in a distincly light-hearted piece on the dubious Own or Tumble Weed opening (1.e4 e5 2.f4 exf4 3.Kf2) invented on the street by W.H. Pollock, one-time Irish Champion. A renowned problemist, Babson, is said to have declared, I will try in on Short (his bete noire, a strong local player) and won 11 games running. A lengthy Lear-like poem ensues, extolling the opening's virtues. 306pp.

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